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Cruise to Game of Thrones Filming Locations from the USA

Would you like to visit the filming locations for Game of Thrones? An epic cruise from the United States can get you to 5 of the sites in the Mediterranean region.

The 49-day round-trip cruise out of Fort Lauderdale departs in October of 2017. It includes stops at Dubrovnik (Croatia), Malta, Morocco, Cadiz/Seville (Spain), and Barcelona (Spain), all of which played a role in the show. See the details of the cruise below.

This isn't an official Game of Thrones cruise in any way, it simply happens to visit several of the right places. You'll probably have to arrange your own shore excursions.

The spectacular port of Dubrovnik was used for outdoor scenes in King's Landing. Ancient city walls were just right for Westeros. Nearby sites were also used for scenes set in Qarth and Slaver's Bay.

Malta was the location for King's Landing and Pentos scenes in season 1. Film did not return there in other seasons.

Morocco was used for scenes in Astapor and Yunkai in season 3.

Areas around Seville were the setting for Dorne and the city of Sunspear.

Barcelona's Castell de Santa Florentina depicted Horn Hill, the home of House Tarly.

Learn more about Game of Thrones filming locations.

Casablanca Morocco
Castle in Spain

October 20, 2017: 49-day Atlantic Adventurer cruise on Holland America Line. Round-trip cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Florida) to Horta (Azores), Ponta Delgada (Azores), Lisbon (Portugal), Malaga (Spain), Cartagena (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Livorno (Italy), Rome (Italy), Naples (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Corfu (Greece), Katakolon (Greece), Athens (Greece), Kusadasi (Turkey), Chania (Greece), Valletta (Malta), Sicily (Italy), Sardinia (Italy), Gibraltar, Cadiz (Spain), Casablanca (Morocco), Funchal (Madeira), and Half Moon Cay (Bahamas).

The least expensive staterooms on the cruise are $5,999 per person, based on double-occupancy (price subject to change). Start saving now to make this dream cruise come true.

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