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The Mediterranean Sea is large and offers several options for cruise itineraries. Eastern and Western Mediterranean trips are very different in geography and weather. And off-season voyages in the fall, winter or spring have advantages over the crowds of summer.

Athens to Barcelona cruises: Cross the Mediterranean from Greece to Spain.

Athens to Rome cruises: Explore from one ancient city to another.

Athens to Venice cruises: Journey from Greece to Italy through the Adriatic Sea.

Barcelona to Athens cruises: One-way across the length of the Med.

Barcelona to Rome cruises: A very popular route that might include islands of the Med.

Barcelona to Venice cruises: Cruise from Spain to Italy through the entire Mediterranean region.

Rome to Athens cruises: Italy to Greece cruises go to multiple islands.

Rome to Barcelona cruises: Italy to Spain cruises that visit Riviera ports.

Rome to Venice cruises: sail between the two leading Italian ports.

Cruises to the Mediterranean from the USA: the very rare round-trip Mediterranean cruise out of the US.

Eastern Mediterranean: traditionally highlighted by the Greek Isles, but there are other wonderful places to experience too. The Dalmatian Coast (Croatia and Montenegro) has stunning landscapes and gorgeous seaside cites. The Black Sea (Turkey) is now on many itineraries.

Adriatic: a subset of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Adriatic Sea is between Italy and Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Western Mediterranean: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and North African countries are the destinations of these cruises. The attraction of Barcelona, Marseille, Monte Carlo, Gibraltar, Florence, and Rome should be obvious. Your cruise may also include the resort island of Palma de Mallorca or exotic Tunis (Tunisia).

Fall Cruises: cool is ideal for touring cities and crowds are also smaller in the autumn. Most cruise lines offer Mediterranean cruises until October.

Winter Cruises: the selection of cruises is relatively small, but prices are often quite affordable. The itineraries stick to the southern-most ports where the weather is mild.

Spring Cruises: cruise frequency picks up again in the spring. The weather warms and the landscape flowers.

10-day Mediterranean Cruises: mid-length cruise around the Med out of Spain or Italy.

14-day Mediterranean Cruises: two-week grand Mediterranean voyages.

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