Mediterranean Cruise from Athens

Many cruise lines depart from Athens for Mediterranean cruises. A cruise on the Aegean Sea is an opportunity to visit important archaeological sites, monuments, museums and traditional settlements and villages as well as to enjoy the natural beauty in Greece.

statue of Plato from the Academy of Athens,Greece

Depart from Athens for cruises around the Greek Islands. You can take a small luxury ship to beautiful isles or a huge ship to larger ports.

Explore a guide to everything about Athens. What to do, when to go, what to eat, and more. The Greek climate is one of the reasons it’s an international playground. Expect warm and dry summers and mild rainy winters.

Athens cruises actually depart from the port of Pireaus. The cruise ship terminal was upgraded for the Olympics and is only minutes away from Athens.

One-Way Cruises from Athens

We have placed the one-way cruises from Athens on their own pages.

Athens to Barcelona cruises – cross the Mediterranean with stops in Italy, France and Spain.

Athens to Rome cruises – cruise from one iconic ancient city to another, one way.

Athens to Venice cruises – a popular cruise through the Adriatic.