Departure Ports for Mediterranean Cruises

No place else in the world has ports like the Mediterranean. Ancient cultures, beautiful scenery, excellent food, and lots of fun await in these famous cities.

Athens: Cruises out of Athens Greece actually depart from the nearby port of Piraeus. In preparation for the Olympics, Athens was turned into one of the most walkable and exciting cities in the world. All the antiquities have been unified with parks and pedestrian streets and tied in with the nightlife areas. The new metro makes the trip to the port easier.

Barcelona: Barcelona Spain offers great food, shopping, nightlife, architecture and art galleries. It is arguably the Mediterranean’s most cultured, cosmopolitan port. The city itself is a great excursion. Use the efficient metro or take a bus or trolley tour of the major sights.

Monte Carlo: Monte Carlo, Monaco, is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the scenic Cote d’Azur, where the natural beauty attracts the world’s rich and famous. Monaco is known for the casino, luxury hotels, and exclusive shops.

the rock the city of principaute of monaco and monte carlo in the south of France

Rome: Cruises from Rome depart from nearby Civitavecchia. The first settlements in the Rome area can be traced back to the early Etruscan civilization. Rome grew to rule a vast empire and, as the empire began to divide, the city became the center of the Christian world. Artists and architects flocked to work for the popes and other notables in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Southampton: Southampton is the main departure port for cruises out of England and the UK. Many of the Mediterranean cruises from Southampton are indulgently long round-trip voyages.

Venice: Venice is a popular departure port for the Mediterranean and Adriatic. Its singular appearance, attractions and art treasures make it unique. Venice can easily be visited on foot or by boat.